Creating a Disinfection Program for 21st Century Customers

It is time to identify and clearly communicate the benefits your disinfection program brings to your savvy customers

disinfection program

The cleaning industry has experienced constant change during the last several years. We have transitioned to better cleaning and disinfection processes, which have resulted in a better work environment for custodial staff and a safer indoor environment for building occupants. 

We have adjusted to a different kind of customer, the 21st century customer who is more knowledgeable about our business and the cleaning industry than ever before. We have been forced to implement new technologies into how we provide services to our customers.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are called upon to once again adjust the way we do business. Now more than ever, it is vital that we demonstrate that we are experts in the cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of our customers’ facilities. You need to identify the benefits your disinfection program brings to your customers. You can show these benefits in the following areas:

  • Training program—What is included in your training program that will benefit your customers? Remember building occupants are now bombarded with information on disinfection. Emphasize that proper training allows your staff to properly disinfect your customers’ facilities.
  • Technology—Provide an overview of the technology used in different disinfection programs. Describe the disinfection process that you use and explain the benefits to
    your customers. 
  • ManagementHow are you going to assure your customers that your staff will adhere to the agreed upon disinfection program? What type of documentation will you provide to your clients?

Customer communication

The 21st century customer wants to be informed. Develop a disinfection team composed of the following to keep the communication lines open:

  • Operations manager (managers, supervisors, leads)
  • Frontline representative (utility person, custodian)
  • Executive manager (CEO, vice president of operations, or owner)
  • Distributor representative 
  • Manufacturer representative (disinfectant manufacturer, equipment representative)
  • Customer representative (satisfied customer).

Website marketing  

The 21st century customer vets prospective building service contractors by researching their websites. Here are some simple ways your website can highlight benefits of doing business with you:

  • Show customers—All pictures on your website should show your actual employees and always include your company logo. Make sure pictured employees are wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Educate customers—Explain the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. Highlight your methods and offer a clear contact for customer questions. 

The pandemic is changing our lives, and some say this change is the new normal. As an industry we can adapt, but more importantly, we can lead. We need to be the drivers of change and provide our customers with safe and healthy facilities. That is what the 21st century customer expects of us. 

Posted On February 18, 2021

Ron Segura

President of Segura Associates

Ron Segura is president of Segura Associates. His company works with all segments of the cleaning industry to help streamline their cleaning and building operations as well as promote sustainability and healthier cleaning strategies. He can be reached at

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Creating a Disinfection Program for 21st Century Customers
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