Hiring Best Practices: From Recruitment to Evaluation

Retaining your cleaning staff starts on day one

Hiring staff

A hardworking, dedicated, and reliable team is the backbone of any cleaning business. Building a team with these qualities takes time, commitment, and training, which is why staff retention is essential for long-term prosperity and sustainability. Without a steady staff contingent, it becomes difficult to deliver excellent service consistently. This lack of consistency could negatively affect your customers’ satisfaction, which might cause them to look elsewhere for cleaning services.

Cleaning businesses are notorious for high staff-turnover rates, due to the nature of the work and associated pay rates. So, when your company is lucky enough to recruit a hardworking, reliable individual, it’s essential that you implement strategies that effectively target staff retention. Employee retention isn’t a once-off task that you can start and finish in a day or a week; it’s an ongoing process that also requires input from the business. You should begin staff retention strategies from the minute an employee is recruited and maintain these strategies throughout their time of employment.

Develop a well-structured recruitment process

Retaining your cleaning staff starts even before they’re hired. It’s important to conduct comprehensive research on potential candidates and their qualifications to ensure they’re a good fit for your cleaning company.

One of the most important aspects of recruitment is conducting a thorough background check. Contact former employers to verify the resumes of prospective employees. Checking references and history will give you a good idea of whether a potential hire will be a good fit and can go the distance.

According to an article by the Society for Human Resource Management, when the recruitment process is rushed, you’re more likely to neglect vital components of hiring, which increases the chance of making a bad hire. Bad hires are more likely to leave a company. You might even feel inclined to terminate their contract if their capacity is not aligned with the demands of the job.

Invest in onboarding

Once you’ve completed your recruitment process and have selected the individuals you believe will stick with your company, you must next invest in your onboarding processes.

A well-structured onboarding process should consist of intensive training and briefing on your company’s policies and procedures. An open discussion about your new cleaning staff’s responsibilities and their rights is essential too.

Investing in your cleaning company’s onboarding process increases the chances of successfully preparing and integrating new staff members. Doing so bolsters retention in the long run. This ultimately helps your business become more stable, sustainable, and successful.

Implement rewards and recognition

If you want to prioritize employee retention, it’s vital that you work toward enhancing staff engagement—from recruitment through evaluation. This entails bolstering your cleaning staff’s feelings of motivation and job satisfaction. In turn, this leads to greater productivity at work. According to the job website Indeed, one of the best ways to engage your workers is to offer
rewards and recognition to deserving staff members. There are many ways to recognize and reward hard work and talent. You could implement recognition initiatives such as honoring an employee of the month. Or you could offer a gift or bonus pay when an individual reaches a significant milestone in their employment. Whatever you choose, it’s important to align these tokens of
appreciation with the overarching goals and values of your cleaning company.

Prioritize organization

In the cleaning industry, scheduling is key. Employees need to know where they need to be and when, and there shouldn’t be any confusion about working times or schedules. Effectively coordinating and communicating with a large team working in different locations on disjointed schedules is challenging. But it’s a challenge that you need to meet to keep staff happy.

To ensure workers don’t get confused, you need to use an organization system suited to your cleaning company. The system should include clear scheduling, resource availability, timely payments, and the management of interpersonal workplace relationships and conflicts. A well-run business is likely to retain its best staff, as employees can work more efficiently in an
environment that prioritizes clarity and structure.

Increase rates when feasible

Poor pay is one of the most significant factors contributing to high turnover rates for cleaning companies. Therefore, it’s important to acknowledge that improving retention may quite simply be a matter of increasing your staff’s
hourly rate.

If you want to retain talented and reliable staff, it’s certainly worth appropriately compensating them for their valuable time. Of course, this will depend on your turnover and budget, but even a small raise can encourage staff loyalty and reduce

Conduct regular and comprehensive evaluations

Employee retention can be maintained through a process of frequent and in-depth evaluation. An evaluation is a valuable opportunity to monitor staff performance, provide feedback, and note opportunities for growth or reward.

Evaluations should encompass open and honest conversations with your cleaning staff. During this time, you can discuss their personal needs and concerns while also communicating how these can align with the company’s objectives. This process demonstrates that you’re invested in their job satisfaction and encourages staff members to continue working for you.

Care for your biggest asset

From recruiting to management and evaluation, it’s important to implement a holistic approach that aligns employee well-being with your company goals. When you show your cleaning staff that you’re invested in their job satisfaction and growth, they’re more likely to feel invested in the long-term success of the company.

Implementing strategies to bolster the retention of your cleaning staff is one of the most effective ways to ensure you can provide high-quality services to your customers while keeping your staff happy and your business growing.

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Hiring Best Practices: From Recruitment to Evaluation
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