New York County Sheriff’s Office Launches Janitorial Training

The Montgomery County program is part of a statewide initiative developed by the New York State Sheriffs’ Association and ISSA.

March 29, 2023

CMI Montgomery County press conference

At a recent press conference, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, together with ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute (CMI), announced the launch of a new training and certification program for individuals incarcerated within the New York county.

The program—the first of its kind in New York—is part of a statewide initiative developed by the New York State Sheriff’s Association and ISSA. Cleaning products will be supplied by Hill & Markes Inc., a Brady IFS Company and wholesale distributor of janitorial supplies.

The training will give incarcerated individuals valuable skills for employment while adding qualified candidates to an industry struggling to fill jobs. The program will also transform the way Montgomery County cleans its jails, by placing a greater emphasis on COVID-19 and infectious disease mitigation.

“Certainly, we all have incarcerated individuals assist us on a day-to-day basis and as we stand here today,” Montgomery County Sheriff Jeff Smith said at the press conference, as reported by The Recorder. “But this is a national certification program, something that could help them when they get released.”

According to The Recorder, the expense of the training program is being covered by a multi-million-dollar New York Department of Health grant awarded in 2021. Across the state, 57 jails were distributed a minimum of US$50,000 by NYSSA to launch the program. Montgomery County’s jail, which had 126 incarcerated individuals as of March 27, was allotted $74,000, due to its admission and discharge rates.

“With demands for labor increasing daily, the commercial cleaning industry needs qualified candidates trained on how to clean for health more than ever,” said ISSA Senior Director of Education Brant Insero. “The program will not only ready incarcerated individuals for employment but will be a part of New York’s county jails’ transformation to cleaning for health.”

The announcement comes during National Cleaning Week, which celebrates the important, positive impact cleaning has on public health, the environment, and the economy.

To learn more details about the training program, read ISSA and New York State Sheriffs’ Association Jointly Launch Training Program.

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