CloroxPro Releases 2023 Clean Index Report

November 14, 2023

The 2023 Clean Index report, recently released by CloroxPro™, reveals an ongoing cycle of burnout among cleaning professionals.

According to the report, which surveyed more than 700 cleaning professionals and more than 1,000 consumers within the United States, nearly nine out of 10 (87%) of the professional participants said they had experienced career burnout in the last two years.

Of the cleaning professionals survey, 61% cited hiring issues and short staffing as leading contributors to the feelings of burnout. Another 44% blamed not having enough time for training, while 40% stated that long hours were at fault.

The report viewed the results as an indication of the industry’s need to focus more on employee wellness and retention.

“The challenges uncovered by the 2023 Clean Index survey reinforce how much responsibility is placed on cleaning professionals and the need to ensure they have the tools and support to confidently create clean and healthy public spaces,” said Kyra de St. Paer, CloroxPro senior director of marketing.

The report also highlighted the following key findings:

  • A Crisis in Confidence

Compared to 2022, cleaning professionals’ confidence in their own ability to keep the areas they manage clean and disinfected fell nearly 5%, with confidence among building service contractors (BSCs) falling 15%. Lack of training programs was seen by 22% as the reason for the lack of confidence, while 20% said public scrutiny of cleaning practices was to blame.

  • Green Cleaning Interest/Adoption Gap

Three in four (75%) cleaning professionals agreed that using eco-conscious cleaners/disinfectants in public spaces is important but noted that adoption of such products is lagging. Factors preventing cleaning professionals from switching to eco-conscious cleaners and disinfectants included:

    • increased cost (78%)
    • uncertainty of cleaning effectiveness (67%)
    • compromised efficiency of cleaning (58%)
    • limited product availability on market (56%)
    • preference for traditional solutions (52%).

For additional insights from the 2023 Clean Index, visit the CloroxPro website.

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